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 Zahid Shamsi is a Renowned poet, writer, critic, journalist, religious scholar and an active social worker. Over the time he has evolved Spiritually. His belief is that his spiritual energy has penetrated into his Soul due to two very strong logical reasons. One,the struggle of all the prophets, stamped by our last prophet, Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa SAWW’s teachings which were to design the best civilization for mankind. And two,the natural biological energy of his soil in his genes, purified with the five waters of the flowing rivers of Punjab, Pakistan, makes him understand the values, culture and above all the nature of the people. Hence this all combined, reflects his identity. He firmly understands that ultimately he is answerable to his soil in rendering his duties and responsibilities , because he knows that one day he has to go back and become compost with the soil and at that exceptionally important moment he need not be embarrassed he would rather embrace the soil with grace, dignity and a smiling face. That is why he strictly believes that love between human beings can resolve all the issues, problems and miseries of the entire globe.He reflects,

  ” My Message Is Love “


 01English Translation

” I lighted a candle of LOVE

It lit up the whole Universe “

Zahid Shamsi’s. poetry contains moral messages with positivity. He hates darkness ( symbolically) and the elements behind darkness. His faith in the light is so strong that he believes tha a tiny spark of light can overpower darkness. He understands that Darkness is actually afraid of Light. He knows the reality. He quotes:—



English Translation

” Jet dark night was torture for my eyes

So I rubbed the fireflies on the face of the night “

His poetry significantly gives out the message of Light, Hope and Love. Zahid Shamsi a very simple and honest man lives with grace and dignity. He believes that every human being had a quality and is above him. He wants to serve humanity to the best of his ability. His passion is to see the world united. He constantly works towards this goal. He wants Humanity to share love, miseries and all the problems with each other with thorough understanding to create a strong bond of relationship. He believes that people, being Allah Almighty’s creation can easily achiev this goal. He quotes:—



English Translation

” Every partical has a binding relationship

Every relationship has Divine’s love “

Zahid Shamsi’s faith is LOVE. He achieved awareness and clarity. It is only Love that can bring unity, and once unity is achieved,Peace and Harmony will follow, all over the globe. He quotes:—



English Translation

” Come let’s fly a dove for peace,

And make home in the same boat

In the screaming darkness of death,

Let us enkindle the spark of light. “

Zahid Shamsi’s poetry is unique because he has inherited this amazing talent of creativity from his ancestor, the great Sufi poet Shah Shams Tabrez. Zahid Shamsi considers himself ardent Murid of Alama Iqbal and Rumi. He is a follower of Mohammad Ali Jinnah who is his ideal. He follows the thaughts of Iqbal in writing his poetry and practically follows the principles of Hazrat e Quiad e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Although there are many hurdles in the way, his conviction, dedication and determination makes him believe that all negativity can be overcome with positive approach. And to this effect he had realistic opinion that since the world is on the move, in spite of obsticals, the flame of Life and Light is alive. He quotes:—



English Translation

” The strong winds are out of breath these days

The everlasting flame of our lamp has exhausted them. “

Zahid Shamsi is realistically optimistic that our youth is the most intelligent and hardworking. It is the best youth in the world he says. He sees in their enlightened foreheads progressive and successive Pakistan.Pakistan centre of Excellence. He interacts with youth to enhance their visionary abilities and to give them courage, stability, dignity and above all positive guidance for the Future of Pakistan. He quotes:—



English Translation

” May the lamp burn, may the roses bloom

May the lamp burn , and the Light spread

May the roses bloom, and the fragrance spread. “

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  • 35 years experience in office, business and manufacturing management since 1975
  • International marketing experience in Europe , USA and the Far East markets.
  • 3 years teaching as professor ” Professional Practices”, to Masters and Diploma classes ar National College of Arts Lahore

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